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We are an EQ focused employee learning platform

At Thriving Springs we are combining the power of Artificial Intelligence with the necessity of Emotional Intelligence to create delightful employee experiences
Our story

Making emotional intelligence accessible to all

In a world increasingly embracing Artificial Intelligence, we understand that the true strength of an organization lies not just in technological advancements but in the Emotional Intelligence that underpins its workforce.

This realization led us to pioneer a unique approach — by combining AI and EI in a Learning Management System, we set out to create a comprehensive and human-centric approach to learning and development, nurturing not only cognitive prowess but also the often-overlooked emotional acumen required for a truly well-rounded workforce.

Our leadership team

The leadership team at Thriving Springs - a collective force driving innovation and growth. With diverse expertise and unwavering commitment, they steer our company toward excellence and help our team thrive!

At the heart of Thriving Springs

Within the framework of our company, six fundamental pillars underscore our culture, encapsulating the principles that define who we are.
High emotional intelligence
Deep customer empathy
Accountability and initiative
Drive measurable impact
…All while having fun.

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