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Learning that impacts work, not disrupt it

Get access to ready-to-use courses that develops employee's skills, and promotes emotional intelligence at workplace

Leadership training

Courses to train your senior management team be more effective

DEI training

Train your employees to be more inclusive with DEI training

Mandatory compliance

Course on mandatory compliance training like PoSH

Manager effectiveness

Train your managers to be impactful leaders and promote team success

Business communication

Courses to train employees on effective corporate communication

Conflict resolution

Learn conflict resolution strategies for harmonious workplace relationships

Team collaboration

Build a collaborative mindset to drive innovation and team synergy

Employee wellness

Access programs promoting mental and physical health at workplace
Content Delivery

Create a culture of learning

Learning journeys designed to integrate into your work without causing disruption
Self paced courses with periodic reminders to help nurture a culture of learning
Gamified interface with leaderboard to promote timely completion
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Content philosophy

Crafted to drive results

Purposefully crafted courses that delivers real world results at the workplace
Engaging content that explains concepts in bite-sized formats
Assessments to test knowledge and understanding
Practice components that reinforces comprehension
Certification and leaderboard to incentivise course completion
All-in-one LXP

Comprehensive learning management platform

Streamline your employee's learning and engagement with a generative AI-powered platform
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Personalised learning portals for all users
Generative AI-powered course authoring tools
Unified employee learning management
Employee engagement surveys
Streamline learning operations with set and forget workflows
Real-time learning dashboard and advanced report

Plug-and-play employee training platform

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