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Automatically recommended courses with AI to maintain relevancy

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Promote healthy competition among users with  leaderboards
Offer certificates and rewards for completing courses
Use ThriveMiles to rank your users' learning journey

Promote employee wellness

Provide access to guided meditation and wellness practices
Offer training on interpersonal skills to build a high-EQ environment
Curated music library to help with concentration, stress relief, and meditation

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From creating training content to managing enrolments,
Content Hub

Boost productivity with mindfulness resources

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Gratitude Meditation


Music for inner peace


Mandatory compliance

Course on mandatory compliance training like PoSH

Manager effecetiveness

Train your managers to be impactful leaders and promote team success

Business communication

Courses to train employees on effective corporate communication

Conflict resolution

Learn conflict resolution strategies for harmonious workplace relationships

Team collaboration

Build a collaborative mindset to drive innovation and team synergy

Employee wellness

Access programs promoting mental and physical health at workplace

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