Introducing Work Life Wednesday

December 20, 2023
2 mins

It's Wednesday morning, and the office vibe is a bit out of sync. Some folks are doing the midweek victory dance, thrilled that the worst is over (or so they hope), while others are giving the side-eye to their coffee mugs, wondering if they need something stronger to survive the day.

As the office chair starts causing cramps for sitting too long, either it reminds you of growing old too fast or being too used to it. Well, that’s Wednesday for you! It’s the day that sparks a mix of emotions and reactions, turning our workspace into a buzzing hub of midweek stories and shared experiences.

Whenever anyone asks us “How’s your work life going?”, the face we make- again, that’s exactly what usually a Wednesday looks like. Unless it’s the day aligned with any holiday. For some, Wednesdays are “It’s JUST Wednesday?!” and for some, it’s like “Yaay! We are closer to the weekend!” Wednesday is that quirky character who gets everyone talking, whether it's with a groan, a grin, or a glare at the clock. After all, where would we be without a little midweek drama to spice up the office narrative?

They say, “the only good thing about Wednesdays? It's a polite reminder that you've survived Monday and Tuesday, and are now officially closer to the weekend!” As hard workers who exhaust all our energies on Monday, we agree. Right? But when Netflix’s Wednesday is what you binge-watched and the day gives you similar vibes- sigh!

You know it's Wednesday when your coffee needs a coffee to get through the day!

Well, while we can’t offer you a stronger coffee to help you keep going, we have something special brewing in Thriving Springs. And here today, we will spill the beans!

We are thrilled to start our mid-week entertainer- Work Life Wednesday series! If you are reading this blog with drowsy eyes post (a big, fat) lunch, Work Life Wednesday will bring a bunch of relatable and amusing carousel posts that you wouldn’t resist sharing with your folks! Be it the manager who micromanages, the sweet HRs, the unpaid interns, the overpaid bosses, or the “Money? Where?” employees, our posts are about everyone, for everyone. 

But mostly, to relax and rejuvenate your mind from the hustle, as well-being comes first. Through these posts, we want to emphasize on the various “How to”s and “tips and tricks” to become a better self at work, to be more productive by not exhausting yourself completely, and by prioritizing what’s best for you! It’s a fun blend of knowledge and “haha, it’s totally you”. 

With our Work Life Wednesday series, get over the mid-week blues or embrace the “Fri-yay is coming”. So, mark your calendars for 3rd Jan, 2024, and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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