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Compliance Training 101: The Complete Guide

January 27, 2024
2 minutes

Are you still pushed to sit through mandatory compliance training? Dry. Monotonous. PowerPoints longer than your weekend to-do list. We've all been there, nodding off while our brains tune out the legalese and jargon.

65% of employees aren’t engaged in traditional compliance training, leading to knowledge gaps, costly mistakes, and even legal repercussions.

Yikes! In today's fast-paced, information-overloaded world, attention spans are shorter than TikTok clips, and we need training that reflects that. 

Why a traditional LMS isn’t compliant enough to get the job done anymore?

1. Compliance training becomes monotonous and ineffective:

  • Dry, lecture-based methods: 56% of employees find traditional compliance training boring and ineffective (Source: ATD Research).
  • Information overload: Cramming too much information in one session leads to cognitive overload and poor knowledge retention. Studies show retention rates at 10% or lower after traditional training (Source: eLearning Industry).
  • One-size-fits-all approach: Ignoring diverse learning styles and employee needs leads to disengagement and poor application of knowledge. Research indicates that traditional training methods cater to only 30% of learners' preferences (Source: Bersin by Deloitte).
Traditional method of compliance training

2. Employees lack engagement and retention:

  • Low completion rates: 40% of employees never complete mandatory compliance training due to lack of interest and accessibility (Source: Training Magazine).
  • Knowledge leakage: Traditional training often suffers from low recall and application of learned material. Studies show knowledge decay reaching 50% within a month without reinforcement (Source: The Conference Board).
  • Lack of motivation: Traditional training often fails to connect with employees and make them feel invested in compliance, leading to a "check-the-box" mentality. Research suggests only 12% of employees feel motivated by traditional training (Source: Brandon Hall Group).

3. Traditional LMS are inaccessible and inflexible:

  • Time constraints: Busy schedules and demanding workloads make it difficult for employees to attend lengthy in-person sessions. Research shows 70% of employees prefer training that fits their schedules (Source: ATD Research).
  • Technological disparities: Lack of proper tech infrastructure or digital literacy limitations can exclude some employees from online training platforms. Research indicates a digital divide affecting 23% of the workforce globally (Source: World Bank).

That's why Thriving Springs is on a mission to make compliance training bite-sized, engaging, and, dare we say, enjoyable. We've ditched the dusty paperwork and embraced the power of microlearning

Imagine short, focused modules that fit perfectly into your busy schedule, delivered in engaging formats like videos, audios, interactive quizzes and assessments. No more information overload, just bite-sized knowledge bombs that go down smoothly and leave you feeling confident and compliant.

How Thriving Springs is solving these problems?

Thriving Springs isn't just another LMS. We're solving the real pain points of traditional systems and making compliance something your employees actually look forward to.

1. Say ‘no’ to monotony

Instead of long, droning lectures, imagine engaging micro-learning modules delivered in bite-sized video bursts, interactive quizzes, and infographics. No more glazed-over eyes – our content is designed to be absorbed like your favorite podcast, even on the go!

2. Personalized learning experience

Forget the "check-the-box" mentality. Thriving Springs' Gen AI-powered LMS personalizes the learning experience for each employee. Think of adaptive pathways that cater to individual learning styles, targeted content recommendations, and real-time performance insights. It's like having a virtual compliance coach in your pocket, giving you the support you need to succeed.

Compliance training personalized

3. Engaging bite-sized learning content

Dusty binders and snooze-worthy PDFs are a thing of the past. We offer a diverse library of pre-built courses covering everything from HR and ethics to data privacy and safety regulations, all tailored to specific industries and roles. And if you need something unique, our content team is here to craft a bespoke course that's as vibrant and engaging as your company culture.

4. Access to real-time learning insights

Thriving Springs tracks engagement, knowledge retention, and performance data to make sure your training is hitting the mark. Real-time insights allow you to identify areas for improvement and keep your employees on track.

But why bite-sized? 

Our brains thrive on microlearning. Short bursts of information are easier to remember, retain, and apply. Plus, it keeps employees engaged and motivated, preventing that dreaded cognitive overload.

Lack of effective compliance tools can cost you big time. Fines, lawsuits, damaged reputations – the list goes on. Investing in a robust compliance training program is an investment in peace of mind, operational efficiency, and a positive workplace culture.

Compliance isn't just about ticking boxes. It's about building a culture of ethics, trust, and accountability. And Thriving Springs is here to help you make that happen, one delicious knowledge nugget at a time.

Employees taking interest to finish compliance training and learning
Large conglomerates with complex operations need sophisticated compliance solutions. Leading corporations across industries trust Thriving Springs to keep their employees informed, compliant, and engaged. We've helped boost knowledge retention by 35%, reduce compliance violations by 20%, and even improved employee morale.

Who knew compliance training could be a morale booster?

Don't forget to check out our website for a free trial of our LMS system and let's talk about how we can make ethics and compliance click for your organization. Remember, compliance doesn't have to be a chore. Let's make it THRIVING!

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